In 2018, the net financial result (profit minus loss) of organizations amounted to 182.4 billion rubles, which is 26.5% more than in 2017.

Accounts payable of large and medium organizations of the observed types of economic activity as of January 1, 2019 amounted to 598,398 million rubles, of which 1.4% is overdue.

As of January 1, 2019, accounts receivable amounted to 505,424 million rubles, of which 3.1% is overdue. Excess of accounts payable over receivables – 92,974 million rubles.

For 2018, the consolidated budget of the Leningrad Region was executed in terms of revenues in the amount of 168,793.4 million rubles, which is 106.8% of the plan for the year and 26.1% higher than the level of 2017 (for 2017, revenues were received in the amount of 133,890.6 million rubles, or 103.5% of the plan of the year). Own revenues of the consolidated budget (excluding gratuitous receipts) amounted to 157,682.0 million rubles.

The expenditure part of the consolidated budget of the Leningrad Region for 2018 was executed in the amount of 154,142.6 million rubles, which is 95.2% of the plan for the year and 8.1% more than in 2017 (for 2017, the costs were 142,545.9 million rubles, or 94.1% of the plan of the year).  The largest share in the expenditure structure of the consolidated budget in 2018 falls on the socio-cultural sphere – 61.61% (including the regional budget – 62.9%, the consolidated budgets of municipalities – 64.8%), of which: for education – 46.3% (41.4% and 75.5%), social policy – 26.6% (31.7% and 10.2%), health care – 16.8% (20.5% and 0.0%). Expenses for housing and communal services amounted to 10.7% (8.0% and 14.1%).

The consolidated budget surplus amounted to 14,650.8 million rubles, the regional budget – 13,205.5 million rubles.

Updated at 12.01.2021