The volume of investment in fixed assets from all sources of financing in 2018 amounted to 466.9 billion rubles, which is 126.8% compared to 2017.

The volume of investments in fixed assets of medium and large organizations (excluding small businesses) in 2018 amounted to 432.3 billion rubles, or 123.8% of the 2017 level.

The main source of investment financing was attracted funds (315.3 billion rubles, or 73.0% of the total investments of large and medium-sized organizations), of which 51.4 billion rubles were raised from budget sources (of which 35.9 billion rubles are from the federal budget). Own funds of organizations (116.9 billion rubles) amounted to 27.0% of the total investment.

From the volume of investments in fixed capital of large and medium-sized enterprises in 2018, 194.7 billion rubles (45.0% of the total investment of large and medium-sized organizations) amounted to investments in transportation and storage; 65.2 billion rubles (15.1%) – in manufacturing; 61.5 billion rubles (14.2%) – in the provision of electricity, gas and steam; air conditioning.

Updated at 12.01.2021