Labor Market

In 2018, the labor market in the Leningrad Region developed steadily with a tendency towards a gradual decrease in registered unemployment.

In search of a suitable job, 26,590 persons applied, which is by 2,155 people less than in 2017.

Among them:

unemployed citizens – 66.3% (in 2017 – 64.4%);

women – 49.9% (in 2017 – 49.7%);

young people aged 14-29 years – 46.9% (in 2017 – 49.3%)

At the beginning of January 2019, 3,050 persons were registered as unemployed, which is 406 persons less than at the beginning of January 2018 (3,456 persons).

The registered unemployment rate in the Leningrad region as of 01.01.2019 was 0.30% (0.05 percentage points (hereinafter referred to as p/p) lower than at the beginning of 2018 (0.35%).

The Leningrad Region continues to be included in a limited number of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation with low registered unemployment.

As of 01.01.2019 only in the Leningrad region this indicator had a value of 0.31%, in the city of Sevastopol – 0.2%.

As of January 1, 2019, the current demand for labor was 19,315 vacancies, which is 632 more vacancies than at the beginning of 2018 (18,683 vacancies).

For 20 items of the most popular working professions, 7,441 vacancies were announced (38.5% of the current demand for labor). The labor supply for this group of professions is 6.9 times less.

For 20 items of the most popular positions of engineering and technical workers and employees, 4,472 vacancies were announced (23.2% of the current demand for labor). The labor supply for this group of professions is 5.8 times less.

With the assistance of the employment service in 2018, 17,604 persons were employed in all types of works, which is 3,048 less than in 2017.

The efficiency of employment of citizens in 2018 was 66.2% (in 2017 – 71.8%).

253 unemployed citizens who have difficulty finding a job were employed for temporary jobs, including: 141 – disabled; 36 – citizens of pre-retirement age; 34 – parents with minor children.

7,490 minor citizens between the ages of 14 and 18 years during their free time are employed in temporary jobs, including:

5,022 teenagers – urban residents;

2,468 teenagers in rural areas.

816 citizens are employed in public works.

In 2018, the employment service was asked for assistance in finding a suitable job by 1,872 persons belonging to the category of disabled (7% of all citizens);

746 people with disabilities were employed (39.9% of the number of disabled persons who applied).

7,611 rural residents applied to the employment service, including: 5,173 persons (68%) were employed;

214 people released from institutions that carry out the punishment of imprisonment, of whom 69 persons are employed (32%).

For 2018, the citizens were provided with 31,892 public services on the organization of vocational guidance for citizens in order to select a field of activity (profession), employment, vocational training, and additional vocational education.

Among the jobs fairs held are: 134 – specialized for different categories of the population; 73 – mini fairs; 25 – district fairs of professions, training places and vacancies; 18 – district job fairs; 18 – interdistrict; 6 – remote.

Among the specialized jobs fairs are: 26 – for the organization of temporary employment of teenagers; 40 – for disabled people; 37 – for pensioners and persons of pre-retirement age; 29 – for women; 27 – for persons returning from imprisonment and serving a sentence conditionally; 3 – for the organization of public works; 1 – for graduates of professional educational organizations; 1 – for military personnel and their families.

Updated at 12.01.2021