Labor Market

In December 2020, it was possible to ensure not only stability in the development of the labor market in the Leningrad Region, but also a decrease in registered unemployment. By the end of the month, there was a decrease in the number of unemployed citizens registered with the employment service, the level of registered unemployment.

3576 people were recognized as unemployed, who were assigned social benefits in the form of unemployment benefits.

With the assistance of the employment service in January-December 2020:

23112 people were employed for all types of work;

the efficiency of citizens» employment (the ratio of employed citizens to citizens seeking work who applied to the employment service) – 32.2%. Of the total number of those employed: 1606 people were employed in public works and 7156 minors aged 14-18 were employed in temporary work during their free time from school;

10451 citizens (45.1% of all employed) jobs were provided in the period before the assignment of the status of «unemployed».

By the beginning of January 2021 (in relation to the beginning of December 2020), the number of unemployed citizens decreased in Boksitogorsky, Volosovsky, Vyborgsky, Gatchinsky, Kingiseppsky, Kirishsky, Kirovsky, Lodeynopolsky, Lomonosovsky, Podporozhsky, Priozersky, Slantsevsky, Tikhvinsky, Tosnensky municipal districts Sosnovoborsk urban district; slightly increased in the Volkhovsky, Vsevolozhsky, Luga municipal districts.

In monocities, the number of unemployed citizens:

decreased in the town of Slantsy – to 409 people (by 7 people);

increased in the town of Pikalevo – up to 204 people (by 19 people), in the town of Syasstroy – up to 100 people (by 3 people).

The region`s economy continued to have a high demand for workers. At the beginning of December 2020, 15862 vacancies (71.8%) were offered for the employment of workers, 6223 vacancies (28.2%) were offered for engineering and technical workers and office workers.

As of December 1, 2020, the tension on the labor market in the Leningrad Region on average amounted to 1.5 unemployed citizens per one vacancy.

The greatest need for personnel was experienced by the «construction» sector – 5109 vacancies (23.1% of the total number of vacancies – 22085), then by type of economic activity:

public administration and military security; social security – 2,845 vacancies (12.9%);

transportation and storage – 1,528 vacancies (6.9%);

agriculture, forestry, hunting, fishing and fish farming – 1,383 vacancies (6.3%);

activities in the field of health care and social services – 1,227 vacancies (5.6%);

wholesale and retail trade; repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles – 1,155 vacancies (5.2%);

education – 811 vacancies (3.7%);

activities of hotels and catering establishments – 614 vacancies (2.8%);

administrative activities and related additional services – 519 vacancies (2.4%);

provision of electricity, gas and steam; air conditioning – 432 vacancies (2%);

water supply; sewerage, waste collection and disposal, activities to eliminate pollution – 405 vacancies (1.8%);

real estate activities – 336 vacancies (1.5%);

mining – 304 vacancies (1.4%);

professional, scientific and technical activities – 264 vacancies (1.2%);

financial and insurance activities – 209 vacancies (0.9%);

activities in the field of information and communication – 144 vacancies (0.7%);

provision of other types of services – 143 vacancies (0.6%);

activities in the field of culture, sports, leisure and entertainment – 93 vacancies (0.4%), etc.

As of January 1, 2021, the level of registered unemployment in the Leningrad Region, according to the Committee for Labor and Employment of the Population of the Leningrad Region, was 2.89% (for reference: at the beginning of January 2020 – 0.36%).

Updated at 18.10.2021