Transport and Communication

The volume of transportation and storage services provided by organizations of the Leningrad Region (excluding small businesses) in January-December 2020 amounted to 202.4 billion rubles and in current prices increased by 2.8% compared to January-December 2019.

Railway transport. According to operational data received from the Oktyabrskaya Railway, a branch of Russian Railways, the volume of loading by enterprises – shippers of the region in 2020 amounted to 26,004.5 thousand tons – 102% compared to last year.

According to the report of North-West Suburban Passenger Company on production and economic indicators in 2020, the number of passengers transported in suburban traffic in the Leningrad Region amounted to 36,158 thousand people (75%), with a total passenger turn over 2340 million pass - km (73%).

Automobile transport. In 2020, the volume of commercial transportation of goods by road transport of organizations of all types of economic activity (excluding small businesses) amounted to 3,855.4 thousand tons of cargo, with a freight turnover of 906.5 million tons-km. The data are not comparable due to the re-registration in March 2020 of a transport organization from the Leningrad Region to St. Petersburg and the redistribution of freight traffic volumes.

The volume of traffic by passenger auto enterprises of the region in 2020 (including small businesses) amounted to 49.2 million people (71.7% to the level of 2019) with a passenger turnover of 895.4 million pass-km (72.3%).

The number of road traffic accidents amounted to 2,774 cases (95.7% against the level of 2019), of which 330 cases (92.4%) included the participation of children under 16 years old. 393 people (101.8%) died, of which 15 were children (115.4%). 3561 people (91.4%) received injuries of varying severity, of which 382 children (94.6%).

Auxiliary and additional transport activities (seaports). According to the Baltic Sea Ports Administration, the volume of cargo handling performed in 2020 by the stevedoring organizations of the Leningrad Region operating in the water area of ​​the ports of the Gulf of Finland amounted to 171,164.2 thousand tons, or 92.3% by 2019.

Company name Cargo handling volume, thousand tons Growth rate,  in% to the corresponding period of the previous year
Cargo handling volume - total: 171 164,2 92,3
PRIMORSK Commercial Sea Port 49 301,5 80,8
VYSOTSK Commercial Sea Port 18 584,3 95,8
Vyborg Sea Trade Port 676,7 55,7
UST-LUGA Commercial Sea Port 102 601,7 98,8

The volume of telecommunications services provided by organizations of the Leningrad Region (excluding small businesses) in January-December 2020 amounted to 2.1 billion rubles and in current prices decreased by 3.9% compared to January-December 2019.

Updated at 18.10.2021