Small and medium businesses

The state of development of small and medium-sized enterprises (hereinafter referred to as SMEs) is one of the indicators of the quality of life of the population. The development of the SME sector ensures the diversification of the economy, testifies to its flexibility and mobility, increases the filling of budgets, contributes to the development of competition and filling the consumer market with the necessary volume of goods and services, provides employment for the population through the creation of additional jobs, and contributes to the formation of a middle class.

In 2020, despite the imposed restrictions aimed at preventing the spread of the new coronavirus infection, there is an increase in the main indicators of the SME sector:

the number of SMEs in the Leningrad Region is 64,410 enterprises (an increase to the value of 2019 was 101%). At the end of 2020, only five regions of the Russian Federation have seen a positive trend in the number of SMEs: the Leningrad Region, the Republics of Adygea and Buryatia, the Chukotka Autonomous District and the Chechen Republic. In general, in the Russian Federation, the number of SMEs decreased by 3.9%. In the Leningrad Region, a significant increase in the number of SMEs occurred in the context of medium-sized enterprises. Here the growth was 16%, which affected the number of employees, the increase was almost 5 thousand workers or 21%.

the number of people employed in the SME sector was about 227.25 thousand people, which is more than 27 thousand people more than in 2019. The growth in the number of employed was ensured, among other things, due to the successful implementation of the experiment on the introduction of a special tax regime «Tax on professional income». At the end of the year, the indicator for self-employed was fulfilled by 145% - the number of registered self-employed was almost 20 thousand, which indicates the effectiveness of the information campaign implemented by the Committee for the Development of Small and Medium Business and the Consumer Market of the Leningrad Region.

The amount of tax payments received by the consolidated budget of the Leningrad Region under special tax regimes for SMEs in 2020 amounted to 5.49 billion rubles (an increase of 6.6% compared to 2019).

Updated at 18.10.2021