Living Standards of the Population

Money income per capita in 2018 amounted to 28,847 rubles, which is 3.0% more than in 2017 in nominal terms.

Real money incomes of the population in 2018 to the level of 2017, considering the lump sum payment assigned to pensioners in January 2017 in accordance with the Federal Law of November 22, 2016 No. 385-FZ in the sum of 5 thousand rubles amounted to 100.9%, excluding the lump sum payment – 101.3%.

According to Petrostat, the average monthly nominal accrued wages of one employee in 2018 was 42,686 rubles, or 109.4% by 2017.

The overdue wage arrears of organizations (without small businesses) of the observed types of economic activity as of January 1, 2019 amounted to 61.4 million rubles. Overdue arrears were reported by 6 organizations. The amount of the arrears decreased compared to December 1, 2018 by 3.1%, compared to January 1, 2018 – by 23.9%.

The number of employees to whom organizations have overdue arrears amounted to 572 people.

There are no arrears in the payment of pensions and child benefits in the region. The average size of the assigned pension (excluding compensation payments) at December 31, 2018 amounted to 13,785.64 rubles in the region (32.5% of salary accrued in November 2018), the number of pension recipients is 502,223 persons.

Updated at 12.01.2021